Business Areas

Known for its technical and financial skill and being a leader in various sectors like finance, civil construction, public works, oil, waste management, and port logistic operations, BES has been able to guarantee a trajectory of permanent growth for the organization.

With a unique position in Africa, ensured by a deep sense of partnership, for its portfolio and investment continuously renewed in the ability to finance resources to carry out large dimension projects, BES has a long-term strategic outlook and an expanded horizon for work, seeking to develop partnerships to carry out projects in diverse areas as Infrastructures, Transports, Logistic, Hospital, Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining and Environment.

BES also carries out special technology services of security information and ethical hacking. BES has its own department that studies, analyses and solves security problems affecting people and organizations in close collaboration with customers, by analyzing threats, risks and vulnerabilities, establishing technologically advanced systems that detect and verify threats, then neutralizing them in real time.